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Hey there – take a vacation from your business. What? You know, you never will if you have too many items on your “To Do” list! Here’s how I can help you. I offer you great solutions for your business by taking the mundane off your list so you can forget about it. Let me take care of your business so you can do what you do best. Making money and vacationing. Isn’t that all there is? Here – let me give you a few ideas…

Doesn't this look like a great place to vacation?
Or what about here?
Don't let your dreams get away from you - just go! I can make it happen for you.


I help entrepreneurs by taking care of their business. As a consultant the last thing I want to see is businesses that go dark or a potential client worked into a tizzy. So let me help you!

When you work with me you will feel calm and as light as a butterfly – your “To Do” list is off your mind and into my capable hands. So fly like a butterfly, dream sweet dreams and come back refreshed. You’ll be glad you did!

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Did you know that “The average small business owner spends up to 40% of his or her time on administrative work”? No kidding? Don’t you wish there was somebody you could rely on to make your “to do” list go away? Don’t you wish you could focus on going on vacation-I mean growing your business instead?

Then it’s time for you to work smarter!

     So, how many hours do you need to give yourself a break?

                              Work SMARTER…not harder                 

          let me provide the solution for your business.   

Please check out my retainer packages and let’s get you into 

“Vacation Mode” or at least “Relaxation Mode”.

I am capable of handling any task your traditional office staff handles by providing

services via phone, email, fax, instant messaging or regular mail.

Professional – Confidential – Dependable

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