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Are you looking for someone you can depend on?

That someone that will be there to make sure your project is completed on time?

The person that will get your project done, at the right time, every time!

Well, you landed at the right place. Because I offer all of those things and more.






It is a small world after all. Globalization is that great process that started perhaps with Mr. Marco Polo, but has since regained its prestige after a short stint of protectionism following the great.


– Rodney Stone

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I’m the mother of two special creative adults who have started their own creative pursuits. I married my High School Sweetheart back in the day, yes it’s still a thing, and live in Central Valley, California. At the Gateway To Yosemite, where life is not as frazzled as it once was a few decades in the past.

I love reading, crafting, decorating and of course fashion. Even though I’m not a fashionista now that I’m working from home, I still enjoy looking and dreaming I was still supermodel thin and good enough for Insta!

I’m crazy mad about anything computer-related. Just call me an old fashion nerd!

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One thing I’ve noticed is that communication is a top priority to me. Let’s see if we are good communicators and if working together is right for both of us. Set up a meeting so we can discuss your business needs.

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