What You Need to know about me 

Business Manager >>> Creative Designer

Virtual Service Provider Mentor

Welcome!  It’s so great to meet you.  If you have arrived on this page, I think you want to know what’s up with me.  

So, here’s a little crash course

Been in business:  A long time

What I Do:  I get my ‘kicks’ helping Entrepreneurs attract more clients, increase their revenue and take back the JOY of their personal and business life.

Note:  I take my sharp organizational, managerial and administrative skills and ‘work a little magic’ for my clients.  Want to go beyond your business goals? How about just go get a massage, take a leisurely walk or lunch on a Monday afternoon?  

What if: you could just take time off for yourself or drop things at a moment’s notice to get that emergency pedicure or take a quick trip to a warm sunny location?  

My clients have done EXACTLY that. Because…I take care of their business needs so they don’t have to! Don’t you want that for your business?

No, seriously? If this little crash course about me makes you want to jump in and work with me, you can contact me here. Check out my blog here. Go ahead, take your time…I’m in no hurry! I’ll just go to the beach for a while until you get back…because it’s MY favorite destination!

  • Business Manager 99% 99%
  • Digital Projects 85% 85%
  • Design Creator 75% 75%
  • Virtual Service Provider Mentor 30% 30%

The Boring Stuff:   Executive Assistant with 25+ years’ experience working for “Corporate America”, various Small Businesses and other Entrepreneurs. Favorite Job Back Then:  Worked at Altera Corporation (Now Intel) in Customer Service..I was loving this job, making people happy and putting my organization skills to work in a position that had no criteria or focus. Developed it into a very positive experience for the entire organization through the development of procedures, crafting necessary forms, and creating an environment where the staff was so happy to have someone in the position that actually provided support for them!! Unfortunately for me, during a “major reorg” of the company, I was laid off. Oh yes, I was crushed of course but knew there was something better for me just around the corner. You can check out my information on my Linked-In Account here. Enter the creation of my business,  So you see…all was NOT lost for ME!

Linda is an overall wonderful person. She has a stellar work ethic and is extremely organized and efficient. She is one of the most reliable people I know. Linda is trustworthy, personable and hard working. She is always willing to go that extra mile to help others. One of her greatest attributes is her ability to form and maintain meaningful relationships which have assisted her in her professional life and have enriched her personal life. If I had the opportunity to hire her, I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Nancy Hines

Inside Sales Representative, Intel Corporation

Linda is a bright and detail-oriented Executive Assistant. She is responsible, reliable and can be counted on to get the job done. I enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her for any administrative or executive assistant position.

Janet Coito

Inside Sales Representative, Intel Corporation

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