Hello special business people

For the last year in my business, I've connected some awesome business partners.

I've worked directly with them or I’ve connected through Facebook, LinkedIn or other Social Media avenues.  

As a thank you to those connections, I'm creating this special page dedicated to them and their greatness, creativity, mindset, and desires to create wonderful communities of people that care and share.


As a business owner, please take a moment out of your busy day and look through the people I've selected to share. If a business captures your attention, check out what they might help you create for your business. You never know what one of my connections will do for you to help you create the life you truly desire.


Come back to this page often as it will change as I connect with other Successful people in the industry.

"I do not make any money from promoting these business associates and these are not affiliate links"


Digital Strategist

Website: www.naima.co

lynne durham

Life Coach

Website: www.lynnelife.com

rachel escola

Launch Expert

Website: www.rachelescola.com

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